The Stories on Medium


I’m pleased to announce that I am part of a new series on Medium called The Stories. The series is curated by my friend Sara Benincasa and features two to three true stories every week.

They’ve featured my own story, “The Cancer Playlist,” as this week’s feature. I’m proud to be part of this project and hope you’ll go give it a read.

Check it out right here: The Cancer Playlist

More stories soon…


Friend Blogs: John Makes Beer


For as long as I’ve known him, my friend John has brewed beer. But lately, he’s been steadily moving out of the “guy who makes beer” category and into the category of “brewer.” He just started a website to both promote his brand and document his process.

You can see recipes, methods of preparation, and advice from someone who is starting to break into this field in a  serious way. He also just did a very cool video documenting his brewing day process.

Here’s the website: John Makes Beer

More stuff from my own travels soon. In the meantime, go watch my friend do his thing.

Friend Blogs: Two Up


New blog for you all to check out.

My good friend K has recently entered the blogging arena, and will be posting about her experiences from the back of a motorcycle, the view and the ride and the experience of being a passenger in the best way possible. We’ve talked about the future of this site. Expect everything from analysis of motorcycle racing to the glory of the Big Boy franchise in the midwestern U.S.

The blog can be found here:

From the blog:

The last couple of years I’ve spent more time on the back of a motorcycle than at my writing desk. This is simply my attempt to find my way back to the writing life via the riding life.

Now go read her piece about Valentino Rossi.

Friend Blogs: Night Shift Historian


Hello readers.

My computer has been down for a couple weeks, hence the lack of updates. More soon.

But in the meantime, check out my friend A’s new blog Night Shift Historian. It can be seen here:

From the website:

Welcome to the night shift.

For mavericks, mavens, and moonlighters. For toe-tappers, tree-climbers, and tight-rope walkers. For truck drivers, two-timers, and time-travelers. For fixers, for fighters, for flies on the wall. For smugglers, lovers, and writers; for alley cats, book worms, and barn owls; for sharpshooters, hot-heads, and easy riders; for friends and foes alike. For zookeepers, street sweepers, and switchboard operators. For guards, ghosts, and gumshoes; for hustlers, helpers, hecklers, and howlers; for gamblers, geckos, and goons. For pushers, puzzlers, pavers, prayers, preachers, pin-ups, and pyros. For barflies, for black eyes, for bedroom eyes. Not For Couch Potatoes. For show-stoppers. For side-steppers. For state secrets. For science. For All-Around Stand-Up Guys. For you, for me, for the girl next door. For nothing, for no one, for now.


I’m really excited about the work that’s going to be coming out here. It’s a brand new deal so go give it a read and check out the interview with Quincy Jones.

More friend blogs coming up in the coming days as I get my technology back in order.